Love Is giving Someone The ability To Hurt You, But Trusting Them Not Too!

Hey! My Name Is Mle Rebeckah. I'm a Sophmore At Shawano Community High School...!!!GAY!!!.....Like the people In It :P!!....Umm....I Like A Variety of Music...usually stuff that best describes me. Or The way I feel............Humm.......*~!~People Change, Thats Just the way it is, Some can over come , Some can have tantrums!

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Uhh I like concerts, mostly punk, metal, stuff that you actually move!...Uhh I love water skiing and preforming it!....uhhh I hate stupid bitch's!


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Sep 27, 2005
~!~*Long TIME~!~* I gotta shake it off cos the loving aint the same and u keep on playing games like you know Im here to stay.....~!~*

Well lets start out wit homecoming week Well of coarse we all know that home coming is the best week of school well atleast i think so, Of coarse this year was extra special with all the vandlism....But dont worry everyone just used my name to save their ass's. But thats besides the point! And Yeah Friday night me kimber danny britt shoney britt rouse LIZ! KIM! lol...and amber went tping the yearly thing! and kimber lol yelled get the fuck outta the way to a cop but we dint know it was a cop so yeh! lol so we got pulled over and got our tp taken away but than we just went and got more and did a buncha houses in the country lol and yeah that was fun than saturday i hada miss like everything the parade and the FOOTBALL GAME....i hada work at T BELL lol but yeh we had it on the radio and we did it mother fuckers WE WON! HOMECOMING OW OW....than kendra haley kelsey britteny came over and we did hair and evyerhting like the yearly thing and it was so much fun lol....than we went to the dance and than we went out afterwards it was a blast it was a pretty good homecoming maybe the best yet its been good memories! and yeah it's been awhile since i wrote but yeah and i wrote a poem again i jsut thought iwould post it but here it is and its not fullyfinished!!!

I can't stay sober all the time, I can stop at least I try. It makes me feel beautiful, you'll never see. Your like a drug accept you don't know what you do to me. My heart starts to thunder adrenaline floats threw my veins. You make me fell happy. DOn't worry though things will change. I'll find out how you really feel, I'll find out about your deal. The alcohol gets me everytime it'll make things perfect and than I'll die. Hurt me so good, cause things will never change. Guys like you are typical you always stay the same. You couldnt see a heart broken sitting in one place, you wouldnt have a feeling if it came andhit u in the face. SO tell some more lies cause its the only thing you can do. Beyond the fact that you could never stay true........

Love Mle rebeckah

Posted at 03:46 pm by Meah
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Jul 21, 2005
~!~*Is Someone Gettin THe Best The best The best of you??~!~*

Hey Sup!!! Long Time No talk!!....well Summers been a blast soo far this past last weekend i was at 2 differnet cabins all week/weekend wit Jaz and Her Family and than this week i stayed the nite at mandas and the week before that i spent like 3 days at jessy's its been great!!....and yeah this weekend Is the state water ski tournments in Wisonsin rapids so im stayin in a room wit tyler nad joe lol that should be fun! OOOOO yeah lol I can see that now lol...But it should deffiently be worth while!.....But beyond that its been pretty sweet I got two different cars picked out and I should have my liscene by january lol so yeah thats my update fer now KAY BYE

Posted at 01:31 pm by Meah
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May 16, 2005
~!~*They Say Its Over and I'm Fine again, Try To stay Sober Feels like Im dying here~!~*

Yo Whad up Bitch's 34 days to warped TOur mutha fucka!....Well Yeah its been hella fun lately.. Ow ow....Umm A lot of hitting when on this weekend so it was a sweet waht can I say...what Can I say....I hope I don't gotta werk a whole lot this weekend lol cause i don't think i can do it....O and I hate my sister she should prolly die lol....yeah? lol...Hummm de dumm....Tommrows the art show I gotta buncha shit in it, and plus I gotta be in it tommrow cause i have to demo printing! ow ow lol fun fun huh? Oooo of coarse I  know it is....But yeah tonight I guess I'm posta stay the night at jaza jades this is like a weekly routine lol...o well....we love each other....and yeha I wroke another poem which im fucking in love with SO ACTUALLY TELL ME WAHT U FUCKING THINK IDIOTS lol....but yeah later


   So I'm getting over this obcession, I'm learning my worst and best lessons. I guess I took my mind for a jog, to brake my heart it didn't take long. I gave it all up threw it all away, I didn't know i'd fall for a wanta be thugs game.  At the time it seemed so perfect everythign seemed so right. I had to be under the influence that night. I do admit at first you were so sweet. I could have never gone wrong when i was with you.  I thought that what we had would last you sworn it too.  Now the futures caught up to us, theres nothing we can do or change, everythings back to how it use to be average and plain. No way of turning back no mistakes that i can undo. the biggest one was fallign in love wit u so waht is left to say when i see u in teh hall how am i suppose to stand and whos going to break my fall. I hold my head up tall and high and slowing wipe the tears from ym eye.  Is ee that these games are just lil trends so i'll continue to mess around wit yer friends and just wait and see u think ur missing her but ur really missing me!!

Posted at 07:14 pm by Meah
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Apr 26, 2005
~!!~*And Im sick Of My Sickness Don't touch me U'll get this, I'm useless, lazy, preverted, and You hate me..~!~*

Well hey how's everyone doing? Me lovely considering I guess Danielle johnson filed papers against me Kimber and mandy bero cos she thinks we keyed her car. Considering half the the school hates her guts i mean 3 ppl outta like a good 85% of the school Hmm yep it was us diffently NOT BEOTCH....
But anyways, Hmm its been a different weekend a lot shit happened with other people but not me I was just laid Back. Nothing exciting and nothing boring really. SO yeh it was pretty good. And this week at school has been a piece of cake. ANd Bryanna's mom is adding stuff to my dress so it should be sweet ass. And prom......Hummmm...I have a feeling its guna be gay! lol....but o well what can ya do? But yeah I have another poem i wrote so READ IT....adnm TELL ME WHAT U THINK!!!!!!

I had the tears but they all went away, without a place without a trace. I had an ache in my heart, but it must have got torn apart. I had an assumpition aobut you and her. But I never would have thought it would really occur. I love how you treat us all the same. Call us beautiful play these games. Get what You want and up and leave I see the reasons of why i decieved. Heart breaker no suprose I shouldnt have even questioned why?  How could I have not seen it, somewhere I had to know that you would break my heart waht goes to show.  that the next girl that comes your way,  you'll call her beautiful play your games. Kiss her neck caress her face have her whipped look her straight in the face. Lie to her with things so sweet, Break her heart and than repeat!

Posted at 05:16 pm by Meah
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Apr 20, 2005
~!~**..Headin Down to the dujun Wondering If they Got SO More~!~*

Yo Whad up! Notta lot here HAPPY 420!! Hitlers Birthday columbine, and the national day to smoke pot!!!....But yeah Saweet deal today we got open campus that was fun but time flys faster when yer outta school!!!! lol..... But its better than sittin in their thinkin of how much you hate me...SPeaking of hate i wrote a poem i want everyone to read!! and tell me what they think so hear it is.......

I guess I saved the best for last, I bet i saved my time for this. I tried to save my broken heart, I tried to say it wouldnt break apart. I guess I saved this hate for now, you won't stand I'll tare you down. I'll make you realize make you see you may have fucked up them, but you won't fuck up me!  I had the nerve to plead you back, I must have not been all their my brain i must have lacked. The only thing Your going to hear from me is the word NO, you may have fucked up your other girls but me i just won't go.  SO the next girl you take for a spin lead them on and lets begin tell them everything they want to hear, get waht you want than leave them their. I'll see the tears I know I can relate, But that is the time your games will get backed up right in your face!!....BYE BEAUTIFUL......

But yeah im guna go fer a joy ride if u know what i mean lol ahahha j/k BYE

Posted at 03:40 pm by Meah
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Apr 18, 2005
~!~!*I wanta Un Button Your Pants Just A little Bit, Take Em Off Pull Em Down Just A little bit~!~*

WHad UP!! ALLL....Well Kim Grandmas Sygery went well really well. Were taking off skewl tommrow to go see her, and yeah Prom well i was suppose to go with Brandon peterson from gillet BUT!! He decided to goof off with Danielle johnson SO i decided i dont want nothing to do with that if you know what i mean. SO I guess me and matt donovan are going together! But yeah theirs juicy scoop. Umm..I get paid wenseday :P :P......UMM Duno much else to say. lol...ALALLALLA lol byes

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Apr 17, 2005
~!~*-/-/-*....BrOkEn HeArT Whats the Matter? Knew It Was Coming Boy It Dint Change A thing~!!~*>_/-/...

Yo Whad Up!?! Not To much here well this weekend was quite alrite! lol It was Suitable I can say! Ummmm...Yes Kim I'm going to prom but it really depends my grandma has to have open heart sygery modnay and if she doesnt make it thru IM DIFFENTLY not going AT ALL....But Lets Pray for the best. Umm But Yeah The weathers really nice out today :P but theirs not a damn thing to Do GAY!!!!!!!.....But yeah I duno what else to say.....Call me if u wanta do sumn LATER

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Apr 15, 2005
~!~* I Can Never Regret Losing You , I can Only wonder What the Future HAS in Store For Me Next~!~*.....

Hey Hey!!! Long Time No Write Nobody Probally even comes to my blog anymore! So yeah thats gay!....Since yesterday I've been really really sick!!....I got a pluggy nose my head feels all big my eyes water my throat hurts i have a bunch of crap In my lungs and when I cough it hurts lol...I came home yesterday and i went to sleep at 3:30 woke up at 10:00 to get more water and than went back to sleep til 6 this morning and than i jsut woke up at 9:00  so i've got plenty of sleep but i still feel sick! and I don't even know if i gotta work yet cause i never got a chance to check the schdule this week! i gotta do that right away after school! But Yeah at like 11ish Josh Is coming and picking me up when he goes out for open campus and taking me back to school wit him. So Yeah I'm going to school for a whole 3 periods today and hilary left me messages saying she got her lip pierced so i gotta see this shit lol!!! I wish Her Mom was mine! O well Im getting more and more excited I can't wait to go to warped tour thats guna be the best thing ever in the whole wide WORLD!! Hot Babes, Kick ass music, lol What Can Be better....I most excited to see new foudn glory...I love his voice but yet theirs a million other bands i cant wait to see lol....OOOO BOY....But yeah I'm guna start gettin ready and shit so I will try to update again soon

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Mar 28, 2005
~!~*Get Your Lighter Roll That sticky , lets get higher~!~ Gota lil bit of blue berry yum yum and I never thought it would taste this gooooooodd!!!

WHAT IT IS HO, WHAT SUP!?! lol anyways whad up well its been a nice vacation away from bitch's and drama and just doing whatever until wee hours of the night thats been nice. CANT WAIT TIL SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!......Thats guna be the shit not to mention WARPED TOUR MUTHA FUCKA!!!....and Ski sharks. But yeah this week should be exciting, lots and lots of drama and i can almost guarentee it lol no lie. But No worries Brush ya shoulda's off! beotchs...anyways Ima blaze LATAZ..and its offical Spencer hasnt called me in like 3 days so last night at midnight i made an oathe to myself i wont call him, if he has as much bullshit feelings as he says he does he'll call me and if he doesnt o well...theirs always the next :P :P LATAZ

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Mar 23, 2005
~!~/*Why Do your Eyes get so Chinky and Red *\~!~

Well this vac.'s been pretty crazy a lot of fun really , pretty cool. But yeah Tonight Im styaing home cause fer teh past two nights i've been up til like 5 in the morning and yeah its been rough lol so yeah lol TONIGHTS MY NIGHT OF REST lol...WOOO....anyways...Ima go later

Posted at 10:33 am by Meah
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